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Blogtober #2 – Show Up – Leadership lessons from our kids TV shows

Blogtober #2 – Show Up – Leadership lessons from our kids TV shows

I didn’t grow up watching a lot of Sesame Street. My kids have though and overall it has its moments of good and bad segments. One in particular has stood out to me though with another simple truth we Adults seem to miss or forget on a regular basis. Showing up.

Grover the lovable Blue Monster on Sesame St. Has an alter ego as Super Grover 2.0, an upgrade from his former days as just “Super Grover”. He can’t really fly, he has no real Super abilities, he often solves problems by accident, and he constantly makes mistakes. He does four things.

  • He observes
  • He questions
  • He investigates

There is one big last thing he does and  Sesame St. makes a big point of this,

  • He Shows Up

Super Grover 2.0 even with all his failings still arrives when he hears someone in trouble. He does his best and most of the time he doesn’t solve the problem. He does though bring about the circumstances by which the problem gets solved. Simply because he is present and willing to give it his all.

So even if you don’t have the talent or the resources or the connections. Don’t throw in the towel and phone it in. Show up! Do your best, and be there for others. Even if it’s not something you can fix sometimes just being in the room is enough to get the right person going in the direction towards a resolution.


Britton Johnson

Gigabrit , LLC


Blogtober – Leadership lessons from our Kids TV shows

It’s #Blogtober season. So here’s my first attempt at this. I want to highlight some simple leadership and life lessons learned from watching today’s Kids TV shows.

It seems to me that today we Adults over complicate everything we do. Especially our professional relationships. If you lead people here’s a few thoughts on leadership from some real experts.

Care Bear Cousins: Brave Heart Lion

My daughters started watching this Netflix series and I was completely blown away in the first 60 seconds of the first episode. Brave Heart Lion comes on screen and immediately lays out the mission, makes sure they’re properly equipped, encourages his team and reminds them WHO they are.

This is leadership 101. If you’re leading a team meeting this coming week, I challenge you to find 60 seconds at the beginning of your week to follow Brave Heart Lions formula.

1. Remind everyone what the mission is

2. Check that everyone has what they need

3. Encourage and build them up

4. Remind them who they are and how important their role is

Its really is that simple.

Now go Take Heart!