Build your own Cloud – Part 1

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The big new announcement at VMworld 2017 was all about VMware on AWS. That was all fine and great and whatever, but for most small to medium enterprise customers, it is still out of reach. However I did find a good alternative, and I think it’s even priced within reach of small businesses.

I missed the¬†announcement back in April¬†about OVH buying vCloud Air, so I hadn’t heard of them prior to VMworld. I spent some time in the OVH booth at VMworld learning more about their hosted server offerings. I came away very hopeful that I could build something on their platform without spending a ton.

OVH primarily has a presence in Europe and is nearly as big over there as AWS is in the US. I’m sure with the acquisition of the vCloud Air business they will being opening Data Centers in the US. Currently the only North American facility is in Canada.

I wanted to see just what you can do, so I ordered up a HOST 64L Server. For $75 a month you get a fairly well setup Supermicro Server with an Intel Xeon D Quad Core CPU and 64GB of RAM and 2 Softraid Mirrored 2TB drives. There’s no meter running like with Azure or AWS native, and you get 250mbs of upload speed. You even get IP-KVM access.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 10.19.26 PM

OVH, unlike most other hosting providers that I have found, will allow you to install just about any OS you like. Including VMware ESXi 6.0 or 6.5. So I installed the 6.5 image they have pre-built and soon received an email with an IP and login information. This was looking really promising, so stay tuned for part 2, building it out.


-Britton Johnson


vExpert 2017, VCIX-NV, VCP6-DCV, VCP6-NV, MCSA, MCTS

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